How to Unlist My Number in TrueCaller

How to list my number in TrueCaller is important if you want to keep your privacy. You don't have to risk what happens if a loved one checks your phone, but it can be awkward to see a number that you don't recognize.

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First of all, there is a link to delete your number under My Account, which is the default option for most people. Clicking that button will remove the number from TrueCaller's database. When you delete an account you have no control over the number's information, and the same goes for deleted numbers.

Now for the best way to get rid of a phone number. To do this, click the name of the person whose number you want to delete and then click Delete Phone Number. Once you do this, the system will immediately delete the number.

Once you have deleted the number you will see a message saying that TrueCaller has "removed" it. After a while the website will go back to you with a new number, so be sure to check that the email address on file is updated.

The main thing to remember is that TrueCaller does not give out your number to other websites unless you ask them to. In the event that someone else has your number and wants to use it for whatever reason, they may call you.

It is also true that people will find your information on the internet even when you don't know it. If you really want to be safe, you need to think about not letting anyone you do business with use your number. Not only is it not a good way to protect yourself, it could have negative consequences for your company. There are a lot of privacy settings in TrueCaller, and you will want to be careful about how much information you give away to some website that is considering using your phone number. However, you should still be sure that this number is off limits to anyone who would look for you.

Sometimes a website may just end up with your number and can't figure out why. Sometimes the person will try to reach you by using your number, and the website gives it to them. In this case you might consider getting a message to the website from TrueCaller, stating that they will not give this number out.

Even though TrueCaller will never give out your number to sites that want to contact you, it is important to watch out for them. Some companies will get listed on social networking sites, which means that everyone can see your number.

So when you do not want someone to be able to call you, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, you do not want to lose your number altogether because of this.

Just make sure you have blocked the website from contacting you. If you do, the number can be deleted.

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