Micromax Tab Price in India

micromax canvas tab price in india

For the first time shoppers, micromax is offering the opportunity to buy it's own Tab range. So is this good news or is it a fraud? It depends on how you look at it.

First, let's start by explaining exactly what micromax Tab is. This mobile web browser comes with a wide array of 'extensions' that can help you browse the internet better and perform your internet shopping easier. The most famous of these is the gallery, which provides a listing of photos, videos and other media files that you can view directly on your phone.

The Micromax Tab comes preloaded with a handful of these extensions, allowing you to view images directly on your phone. These are stored in a database, so there is no limit to the number of images you can view on your phone. You can even save them onto your phone, just like a photo album.

You can also download free websites that you can use to access other free websites and content, even without a Pay-To-Download subscription. This can be very useful if you have a limited amount of memory on your phone. But it can be really annoying to download a bunch of files every time you visit a website - what is a browser but more of a download program!

With the Micromax Tab, you can avoid all these problems, because you will get a mobile web browser that can download full web pages for you. They will never stop asking for money. But here's the deal: these downloads are ad-supported, so the ads never stop playing.

In other words, for the entire cost of the Tab, you get to view hundreds of thousands of adverts. This may not seem much of a problem, but remember that this is one of the main reasons why millions of mobile internet users in India are now switching to Android, Symbian, Blackberry devices. This is because they don't like the barrage of pop up ads.

The Micromax Tab is a perfectly serviceable mobile browser. It has a simple interface, with icons and backgrounds that blend in well with the native applications on your phone. You can navigate the internet, just as you would with a standard desktop browser.

The Micromax Tab also has some good apps that allow you to post photos on Facebook and Twitter. You can also play games like Angry Birds and Subway Surfers. So it's the ultimate in a good mobile web browser.

The real problem is that the Micromax Tab costs $120. Compare this to the $30 that Google Play will charge you for Android, and it is obvious that it is a fad.

Another big reason why the Micromax Tab is a fad is because there's nothing better than a good text messaging service on your phone. However, with the Micromax Tab, you only get a plain text message service. So you cannot use this as a substitute for WhatsApp.

At the end of the day, the Micromax Tabs is simply too expensive for the benefits they provide. If you don't mind having an unbranded internet browser on your phone, then this is a good idea.

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